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Marika and her team exceeded our expectations in every way. Marika had a great local market sense and guided us to list at a price I would have not considered attainable – she was right. Her professional listing – including staging and photography, reached a great buyer and we were well supported by her team throughout until close. Highly recommended”

– R. Fade, Washington

You are a fool if you let your Realtor suffer from fools. What distinguishes one Realtor from the other is not their BS factor or  “tell you what you want to hear “ ideology but their market knowledge, negotiating skills and integrity. Marika and her team were decisive and professional allowing us to list quickly taking advantage of the market conditions

– S. Regan, Whistler, BC

You did provide us with the best service we could have asked for. You were always helpful with all the things concerning this closing and always were there at the time we had a doubt ,observation or any other thing to make this closing smooth.

Before, when we were looking at several properties you showed us what we asked for and helped us with your point of views to take the best decision for our family.

Again,your personal great and professional service is to be recognized. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT AND WORK!

– G. Cortina, Mexico

We definitely enjoyed working with Marika because she was enthusiastic about Real Estate and had right away ideas of how to improve the look of the Suite: a different Chandelier, proposal on different colors. She supplied some Decoration herself for the Photo shoot. All in all we worked well together. We will be back to look for another property with Marika.

– K Stegemann, England, UK

I have bought and sold many properties in many countries over the last 30 years and have never experienced such a hassle free and professional service as provided by Marika and her team.

– J Wood, United Kingdom

Marika and her assistant were a pleasure to work with on our recent deal; responsive, savvy on the local market and practical in their approach.

– G & A Wright, N. Vancouver, BC

Working with Marika was a fantastic experience and I would HIGHLY recommend her skills as a realtor to anyone. She bent over backwards to help us with a somewhat complicated sale as we had an offshore partner. She even drove to Vancouver to help the elderly couple who didn’t have a computer to receive all the paperwork which the sale entailed. Having a realtor who really knew the market worked so much to our advantage. Many Thanks to the best realtor in Whistler.

– J. Baur, Saanich , BC

Working with Marika and her team at WREC was a pleasure. Marika was very responsive to our needs, quickly understood our requirements, and separated the wheat from the chafe in the fast moving Whistler market. We live in eastern Canada, so real estate shopping in Whistler also posed some logistical challenges, which Marika and the team dealt with admirably. They were patient when they had to be, but also helped us move very quickly when the time was right. In the negotiation and the execution of the transaction Marika offered insightful and timely advice. I will not hesitate to use Marika and team again when we buy our next place in Whistler!

– B. and A. Holland, Ottawa, ON

We were very happy with Marika’s  service in the process of buying our house. Marika took the time to listen to what we were looking for and chose properties for us to view that were a good use of time and provided a spectrum of options. She was unbelievably responsive and available. We really appreciated her hard work to both find us the ‘right’ place and in answering our many questions as we got ready to take possession.

We’ve had very positive experiences working with Marika on both our property searches in the past 5 years, thank you for all your help.

– A. Bouris & M. Lennox-King, Vancouver/Whistler

Professionalism is an overused term but it truly is the first thing that comes to mind when my wife and I think of Marika. The other quality that comes to mind is patience. We actively searched for a new Whistler home over a four year period and to be perfectly honest we became incredibly frustrated, to the point of almost giving up completely. Marika kept telling us not to worry and that we didn’t have to compromise. In the end, it was Marika’s patience, persistence, and ultimately some good old fashioned resourcefulness that found us our new home.

– J. & B. Shorter, Whistler

The experience of buying a home can be both overwhelming and stressful. Marika and her assistant made the process easy. They were positive, they had answers, advice and they were always there. At the end we felt good about the experience and we are very happy with the end result. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us.

– A. & R. Ionescu, Redmond, WA

Once we decided to sell our Ski home, we engaged a local agent. We were not happy with the level of service we were receiving and when Marika was recommended, we gave her a shot. She was amazing through the whole process. Marika regularly gave me updates on the market and the viewings and she was backed up by very professional support staff.

In a very tough sales environment, she persevered and then persevered some more. She knew we wouldn’t sell below a certain number and worked tirelessly to ensure we achieved that dollar amount. We finally sold at a price we were happy with. Throughout the whole process she remained upbeat, confident and professional. She deserved every penny of her fee. Well done Marika and team.

– S. & H. Waterton, Hong Kong / Lions Bay, BC

We have been extremely pleased with your help in buying our whistler home. Your advise was well informed and working with you was enjoyable for us. Thank you for all your efforts.We would certainly recommend you to anyone looking to buy in Whistler and would use you again if we plan to buy another place in whistler.

– M. & A. Look, Burnaby, BC

Working with Marika was a pleasure when purchasing our first home. She is a very hard worker and both knowledgeable and professional. Her expertise of the market made us feel at ease and she was always available to answer any questions we had. She was always patient with us and always available to answer any questions we had. We would highly recommend her to any of our family or friends!

– S. and M. Appelman, Whistler, BC

Marika helped us to find our house which we enjoyed for 11 years and now has helped us find a buyer and made the sale as seamless and easy for us to take care of as possible. She has been professional, caring and always available whenever we needed her. When she’s not around, her team members have been here to help. We trust Marika and her team completely. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home or an investment in Whistler/Vancouver.

– E. and E. Li, Hong Kong

Marika did a fabulous job as our real estate agent. It took us awhile to find the place that we liked. However, Marika was always available and was very patient through the whole process. As a long time Whistler resident, her “local” knowledge and connections gave us an advantage when we ultimately found the property that we wanted to put an offer on. I wholeheartedly recommend Marika as a real estate agent in Whistler!

– A. Stager, Vancouver, BC

Marika knows Whistler like the back of her hand and not just real estate but all the service related people and businesses; which new homeowners can really benefit from. Marika has been incredibly patient with us as we search for a home that truly suits our needs and budget. She understands buildings and construction well so can give clients good input in terms of what is feasible for renovations and/ or additions. She is very honest and upfront with information. We would highly recommend Marika to friends who are looking to transact in Whistler.

– D. Nichols and A., Hongkong

We particularly liked how easy it was to work with Marika. She definitely made the search process more comfortable and enjoyable than we were initially expecting.

– D. Wilcox and A. Coatta, Whistler, BC

Thank you so much for your help with the purchase of our Whistler property. It sure was nice to have a realtor with such vast knowledge of the area. We really appreciated the time you took to educate us and show us around. Your attention to detail, suggestions and comments were invaluable. You made the experience enjoyable and so easy. We love our new Whistler home and can’t thank you enough for all your help and expertise.

You are the best and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell in Whistler.

– Nina Parente, West Vancouver, BC

I recently worked with Marika and her assistant on the sale of a townhouse that my wife and owned in the Taluswood area. I was pleased with the level of service that I received and how easy they made the sale process. I was out of town when the sale occurred and Marika and her team even cleared and stored the contents of the owner’s closet form me until I could get up to Whistler to make the pick up. The buyer and I were both interested in closing the sale quickly which was successfully accomplished in spite of the looming holiday season.

I was impressed with both Marika’s and her assistant’s attention to detail including a friendly reminder as to when to have the various utilities supplying the unit transferred. They also referred me to other professionals needed in the sale process who were equally top notch in their service. I highly recommend Marika and her office should you need to sell or purchase Whistler real estate.

– K. Shafer, Washington

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marika and everyone at Whistler Real Estate, very professional! I would recommend your company and staff to anyone, whether buying or selling a home!

– L. Wuolle, Vancouver, BC

Marika was most professional in her handling of our property and kept me up to date on Whistler’s real estate sales and trends.

– T. & T. Dwayne, Richmond, BC

We found Marika to be knowledgeable and passionate about the Whistler Real Estate market. Her support for us as first time home buyer’s was critical to our confidence in our first home purchase. We would not hesitate to recommend Marika to anyone interested in purchasing a home in Whistler.

– K. & C. Mehaffey, Whistler, BC

I couldn’t imagine a better realtor than Marika. She’s the ideal combination of knowledgeable, fun, caring, and professional.
I’ve worked with Marika myself, and have recommended her to a number of friends. She is incredibly well informed on real estate in Whistler, and I know that I really benefited from her knowledge throughout both my selling and buying processes. I also always felt that we were operating with my best interests in mind. She took both general and specific market information and then asked what I felt was the most important question — what would be the ideal outcome for me. There’s no doubt I would choose to work with her again, and I actually can’t think of many people in any profession that I would recommend more highly.

– C. Shadley, Whistler, BC

Only positives. Marika knew the market, what it was going to take to get done, and then put us in the best position possible to make it happen. You were great following up and helping navigate everything required after the sale.

– Burton’s, Pemberton, BC

My husband and I had always dreamed of buying a property in Whistler. Marika Koenig and her skilled team made that dream a reality. We just closed on a beautiful place that we’re excited to call home. Marika was candid, provided great feedback, helped explain clearly all details and managed the actual sale negotiation brilliantly. And she definitely went the extra mile working on all the little details that always get left behind after a sale. She followed through with everything and made the experience extremely pleasant for us from start to (beyond) finish!  We highly recommend Marika and her team to anyone looking to find their home in Whistler. She’s the right person to have in your corner. 

– M. fauser,Vancouver, B.C

We are so fortunate to have an incredible person like you behind our purchase. You are truly incredible Marika, and I would recommend you to everyone.

– P. DelBosco, Whistler, BC

The service provided by Marika and her assistant was quick and professional. If I’m ever in the market of purchasing another place in Whistler I will be contacting Marika again to act as my representative.

– J. Benincasa, Burnaby, BC

I recently sold a property in Whistler and used Marika both in the early stages of thinking about selling through to the closed and cash in the bank stage. Based on my personal experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Marika.

My property was dated, around 20 years old. Marika suggested a very specific set of changes that would update the property such that the property would stand out against similar aged competition (thus sell more quickly) and hopefully command a higher price. Though initially hesitant to spend additional funds on a property I was selling, it in fact was excellent advice. I am glad I took it.

Equally, my goal was to sell at market price within two months of listing (it was a tough selling market). Marika showed me comparables, what they were asking and what was actually selling and at what price. We agreed on a market price that I felt reflected market and the enhanced interior of the unit. We had three offers within four days and it closed within three weeks, virtually no conditions. I was very pleased with the price received, no discounting was needed.

Marika’s style is not aggressive but she will provide you with her opinion and I suggest that you listen. My experience has shown it is good advice.

– G. Olmstead, West Vancouver, B.C

In the past 30 years we have purchased a number of investment and vacation properties in Whistler and elsewhere, and probably dealt with 3 or 4 different realtors. When it came time to downsize from the Whistler home we lived in for more than 20 years we chose Marika based on her reputation and the recommendation of others. We found her to be professional, honest and upfront, and were pleased with how she dealt with us as a couple rather than trying to pander to one over the other (which has been annoying in the past!)

Marika’s connection to the market and our trust in her meant we were able to act quickly on the purchase of our home less than 24 hours after it was listed. As an added bonus, her suggestions for the upgrades and repairs to our property and advice on how to do so cost-effectively, helped us generate the best return on our investment. Thank you!

– S. & B. Johnston, Whistler, BC

This past spring our family started the process of looking for a home in Whistler for our son, Christopher. We took the advice of a good friend and hired Marika as our agent.  What good advice that turned out to be!  Although our son is very familiar with Whistler, my husband and I were not.  Marika took the time to show us many different properties and we were able to narrow down what we were looking for.  With the knowledge of what our needs were, Marika was then on the lookout for the perfect property for us. This was not easy as inventory was very low.  We didn’t need to worry Marika was on the lookout and knew what we wanted.  As soon as a property came up that she realized would be perfect for us she called us right away.  We were able to be in Whistler within hours, the property was exactly what we wanted, an offer was made and became ours.  I would be amiss if I didn’t mention that Marika has a fabulous assistant.  If Marika was busy, her assistant was her backup, and she was a great help to us.  They are truly an amazing team.  We are truly grateful to both Marika and her assistant and so happy that we were able to help our son launch a happy life in Whistler.

Marika and team, best real estate agents in Whistler!

– J. McAllister, Vancouver

Marika was recommended by a friend and proved the ideal experienced realtor to quickly sell our long-time Whistler home. She and her very professional support team efficiently and competently managed all phases of the sale. I highly recommend Marika to anyone buying or selling a property in Whistler.

– D. Newman, Vancouver

Marika and her assistant were extremely helpful in assisting us with the purchase of our townhouse in Whistler. They were always quick to respond to our inquiries and answer our questions. Marika has lived in the Whistler community long enough to know the market well, and she did a great job of narrowing down our search based on what we were looking for and helping us find the best deal in our price range. I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell a property in the Whistler area.

– M. Bergvinson, Courtney BC

Thank you for all of your patience and energy in helping us find our perfect Whistler home. After coming to Whistler for so many years we finally made the decision that this is where wanted to spend more time as a family. Your extensive knowledge not only about real estate, but the resort itself, helped us in our search to find that special place. You made a daunting process very easy and straight forward. We are truly grateful your help and will most definitely recommend your services to all of our friends!

– The Cooper’s, Singapore

What I’m most pleased about your handling of the transaction is that you found me a property that met my specifications exactly even when that property was not in the market! Many thanks again for searching outside the box.

– Halim Ahmad, Selangor, Malaysia

Marika has recently helped us buy and sell at Whistler. In 2009 the market has been tough and yet she worked hard to finalize our sale. Marika was always available, knowledgeable and very professional. We always felt that she had our best interests at heart and would recommend her services to anyone.

– P & R Brooks-Hill, Toronto, ON

We had no idea of the level of service, the complete understanding of the process and more importantly, what a team effort it is when someone sells their home until we worked with you. You demonstrated time and again just how much difference there is in selecting the right broker, and how important it was to us to sell the house in a timely fashion, for a reasonable and realistic price. Hey, you even got us to up the price $50k on short notice – how nice was that in a slow flat market?!

– The Scobie’s, Vancouver, BC

Marika – Just because you were the most professional, thoughtful, caring, and responsive realtor we ever had the great pleasure of working with, doesn’t mean we could recommend you.

Just because we’ve bought and sold 8 properties and we now judge everyone by the standard of care and professionalism you demonstrated time and again when selling our home at Whistler, doesn’t mean we could recommend you.

Just because, from now on, whenever we are going to buy a home or property “anywhere in BC” we will want to engage your services, doesn’t mean we could recommend you.

Just because we had never experienced the quality of service, understanding and professionalism from a real estate broker until we met and retained you, doesn’t mean we could recommend you.

Marika, you have set the bar higher than anyone could imagine and we were the beneficiaries of your exceptional talent. Barb and I never miss an opportunity to sing your praises. You made selling an easy, stress free experience and without your advice we would have left tens of thousands of dollars on the table or worse, sat on our property for far too long.

In other words, how could we NOT recommend you, time and time again? We wouldn’t hesitate to!

– R & B Scobie, N. Vancouver, BC

Marika Koenig is a thorough, attentive and proactive realtor. She doesn’t drop a detail and she’ll keep you regularly updated with important, relevant and actionable information. She will return your call quickly and if she can’t, you’ll get a call from her assistant. Her advice is practical and right on the mark. She won’t waste your time with fluff and sales hype. If you’re looking for property, she’ll constantly source out great options and opportunities that match your requirements as they become available. Marika will get the information you need to make that important decision within days, if not hours of requesting it. If you’re selling a property, she’ll get qualified buyers and get you your price.

How can my testimonial be trusted? I have bought and sold 3 Whistler properties. I am also the owner and founder of, one of Whistler’s largest and most successful accommodation web sites and Whistler’s largest community of independent homeowners who are self managing the rentals on their Whistler property investments. Finally, Marika is not paying me for this rave, nor is she paying me a referral fee for all the clients I now send her way. She will work hard, methodically and efficiently to help you achieve your goals.

– Sue Chappel, CEO & Founder –, Vancouver, BC

We were very pleased with our experience in purchasing our home with you. Specifically we felt: -That you had our best interests at heart when searching for properties.

You understood what we were looking for and showed us properties that met our requirements, You provided sound advice on property values and negotiated a very good deal for us. You did not pressure us into buying a property and suggested that we take our time to find what we liked You were very responsive and have provided us service even after the deal had closed I would recommend you to my family and friends and would certainly use your services again in the future.

– K. Angus & D. Parmar, West Vancouver, BC

Marika, thanks so much for being such a pleasure to work with. You are very professional and efficient but also very personable and really made our experience of selling our condo as easy as possible. Thanks again!

– S. Malby, North Vancouver, BC

Marika – Many thanks for your help through this whole process of purchasing our Whistler Home. We’ve been really impressed with your service and will certainly recommend you to anyone we know that’s interested in Whistler properties.

– D. Chan & I. Lee, Vancouver, BC

We have worked with Marika over many years on multiple purchases and listings and would recommend her to anyone needing a realtor in Whistler – her market knowledge and advice has been exceptional every time!

– Simon & Linda Blake, Whistler, BC

Marika recently listed and sold our apartment in Whistler and I cant speak highly enough of how smoothly the whole process went and we were delighted that our property sold within a month of being listed. Being based in the UK we were concerned that may complicate the transfer but Marika and her assistant took care of everything from listing and showing the property right down to providing detailed reminder lists of services to cancel after the sale and even arranged to move my car as I wasn’t in country at the time of the sale!
It was obviously about more than just selling the property, Marika went out of her way to be sure we were happy with the whole experience.

– I. & B Adams, Banchory, Scotland

Over the last 12 years Marika has helped me (and now me and my husband) buy and sell four properties in Whistler. Timing has been especially important. We’ve been able to make the right moves at the right time thanks to Marika’s knowledge of what’s happening in the market and her advice has always been on the mark. We put our trust in Marika, listened to her and especially in the most recent sale, were able to make a profit at a time when others were taking a loss.

There is no other place we would rather live than Whistler and no other realtor we would rather deal with. We look forward to working with Marika on the next transaction and making the right move once again.

– Angela Shoniker, Whistler, BC

We were very happy with the way Marika worked with us to sell our Whistler apartment: most especially how she always returned calls promptly, and worked with us in a challenging declining market.

– M. James, Vancouver, BC

My wife and I have been long time visitors to Whistler and have always discussed our desire to buy, but didn’t take it far beyond that. My wife connected with Marika’s assistant during an idle browsing session looking at properties. From that time on, our search went into high gear – she very quickly understood the nuances of what we were looking for: “a great deal”, helped us decide on price range, and found us a couple of properties that fit us, talked us through our choices and advised us all through the offer process. We got a fantastic property as a result, at a great price. I would recommend her to my brother. P.S. I did, and now he owns at Whistler as well!

– V. & V.Nagaraj, Medina,WA

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