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Whistler Market Update – January 2018

Jan 17, 2018

Welcome to 2018!

We hope your new year is off to a great start! This year marks Whistler Real Estate’s 40th anniversary– quite an accomplishment. I am proud to be working with the #1 company in the resort.

In regards to the market, our 2017 stats summary is below. It will be interesting to see how the market unfolds in 2018 as we have seen double digit increases over the last 4 years. Please feel free to call or drop by the office at your convenience. I would be happy to discuss the market with you and answer any questions.

On behalf of my assistant Jamie Dowling and myself, we wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous 2018!

The Whistler real estate market experienced another active year in 2017 resulting in significant price appreciation in most sectors and over one billion dollars of value being transacted throughout the year. Despite the number of reported sales falling below that achieved during 2016, strong buyer interest continued to drive valuations and reduce the number of opportunities available. We expect these general conditions to continue into 2018.

Overall, the total number of transactions reported to the Whistler Listing Service decreased 16.2% compared to 2016; however, this was more than offset by a 26% increase in the average price of a transaction (currently $1,163,392 compared to $901,451 at the end of 2016) and insured that reported sales exceeded $1.1 billion by year end.

The Stats

The first half of 2017 was particularly strong due to a peak in buyer interest as a result of favorable exchange rates, low interest rates, strong regional economics, and a record number of visitors discovering and exploring Whistler in both summer and winter. As the number of properties offered for sale continued to decline throughout 2017, market activity slowed and the final quarter of the year was the slowest we have seen since 2014.

Larger, family orientated properties, both single-family homes and townhouses, experienced the highest level of interest, which resulted in double-digit rates of appreciation. Average single-family home values in Whistler rose by 26% to $2,835,000 (from $2,248,000 in 2016) and average townhouse values rose by 28% to $1,163,000 (from $947,000). As a result of the high level of interest, the number of family-style properties being offered for sale has dropped significantly. This has continued to support upward price movement.

The condominium market once again showed the highest level of activity with over 300 reported transactions (35% of the overall market share). Values in this market sector increased by 21% since the end of 2016.
It should be noted that despite the average general market values stated here, the strong levels of activity in condominiums and townhouses (65% of the total market share) meant that almost 60% of all real estate transactions in Whistler were priced at under $1,000,000 in 2017.

The luxury market (properties valued at over $2 million) continued to grow as a result of increased valuations. A total of 122 properties changed hands in 2017 representing approximately 14% of the total transactions that occurred. This represents over 40% of total market value at an average price of $3,634,000 (an increase of 12% from 2015) in this important sub-category.

Low inventory dictating prices

As a result of this long period of high buyer activity, we now have the lowest number of properties being offered for sale in modern memory, across all segments of the market. This will mean that activity levels will continue to drop despite strong buyer interest and prices will continue to feel upward pressure. It is perhaps unrealistic to expect continued double-digit rates of appreciation so we would expect that price increases will moderate in 2018.

Adding to these local market factors will be the unpredictable influence of a number of expected changes in external circumstances. These include interest rates, government and financing regulation, a slow down in neighbouring regional real estate markets, and perhaps an investor perception of being ‘over-bought’.

On the plus side, the new mountain ownership will introduce thousands of new potential investors to the area and North American economies will continue to be strong. Whistler continues to be one of the worlds most beautiful (and safe) places and our community continues too evolve and adapt to meet the requirements of both visitors and residents.

If you are thinking of making a move in the market, I would be happy to discuss your options. Please feel free to call or drop by the office at your convenience.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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*All statistical information provided from sources deemed to be reliable
*Information based on data collected from Whistler Listing Service WLS

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